Recent Almond Demand Trends

Shipments for the period December - April are up 12.2% over last year's record shipment levels. Shipments in April were 16.9% more than seen in April '08. New commitments in April were up 103% over April '08. New commitments November - April are up 42.0% over last years record levels. Committed inventory not shipped is up 116 million pounds (+47.6%) vs. the same period a year ago. Total Committed and Shipped almonds are up 176 million pounds (+14.5%) over last year's record level through April.

Based on the final shipment figure of 1.261 billion in CY'07, by the end of April 2008, the industry was 96.3% sold (1.215 billion total committed and shipped) to the final shipment figure. This year, total committed and shipped figures at the end of April are 1.392 billion. If you use a full year shipment figure estimate (even more sold that this time last year).

Almond acreage

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