Our Company

Merlo Farming Group is a vertically integrated California agriculture and land management company dedicated to the highest standard of performance tailored to landowners who do not farm themselves. Our areas of expertise include crop development, production, harvesting, processing, sales and marketing.

Our Philosophy
We strive to provide transparent and individualized service through specialized management solutions' and strategic affiliations to produce real returns on investment.

Agricultural and Land Economics
Our seasoned principals have extensive experience with farming and land economics and can provide our clients strategic guidance with planning, development, systems, planting, business plans, cash flow analysis, marketing and market development.

Detailed Market Knowledge and Affiliated Specialists
The Merlo Farming Group organization has developed strategic relationships and affiliations with professionals and companies who work exclusively with commodities in each specific geographic region and market. This value added platform generates an unprecedented model for transparency of specific commodity costs, prices and trends.

Transparent Management Solutions
Through a deep base of practical experience and industry knowledge, Merlo Farming Group provides professional management solutions' necessary for optimum profitability of agricultural and land assets. Qualified and committed to the highest standard of integrity to our clients, our tailored management plan is based on a transparent platform of comprehensive information including, financial reporting and enterprise budgeting, performance, trend, sales monitoring, cutting edge mapping systems, commodity production, processing and marketing. Merlo Farming Group provides a secured client access portal located on our website that gives detailed information specific to the client's asset.

Measurable Results
Our experience, transparency, and advanced technology, coupled with our strategic network of affiliations, work collectively to meet the goals that lead to a viable and profitable relationship. It is our goal to understand the specific needs of each of our client's and tailor our efforts to ensure these needs are met.