Farm Management

Farm Management remains the core competency of the Merlo Farming Group Organization. We currently manage over 20,000 acres of land, permanent and seasonal plantings located in Northern California. Our comprised asset value is in excess of $100 million and includes some of the most diverse properties in the area. Merlo Farming Group believes our client's financial interests come first. Successful agri-business investments are based on the efficiency of all phases of an agricultural operation. Merlo Farming Group provides a true collaborative management model committed to a platform of transparent cost and pricing index for its clients.

Merlo Farming Group’s management model primary functions include:

  • Agricultural planning, crop selection and production
  • Commodity marketing and market development
  • Supervising farming operations
  • Design, installation, repair, and maintenance of agricultural systems
  • Detailed Accounting Reports
  • Detailed Financial Reports
  • Detailed Enterprise Reports
  • Whole Farm Planning
  • Tenant Selection
  • Analyzing and coordinating Government Farm Programs

No matter how big or small, our clients receive the equal benefit of our vertical integration and dedication to precision farm and land management. Our emphasis of providing hands on management creates a deep involvement in all areas of production. Every client receives the value added benefits directly involved in various costing of input items such as chemical, fertilizer, and seed. Because of our strategic relationship's between marketer's and processor's clients receive the benefit of preferred pricing which translate directly to maximization of revenue opportunity of the asset. Our transparent management platform allows every client commodity price updates and field reports that can be viewed electronically on the website.


Our professional experience in the California Agriculture belt combined with an extensive network of industry experts and platform of information and data resources makes Merlo Farming Group a qualified resource for consulting services.

Our spectrum of consultation services include:

  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Project Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Project Development
  • Commodity Marketing
  • Commodity Processing
  • Comprehensive asset analysis
  • Land Acquisition
  • Land and Farm mapping
  • Accounting and record keeping

All of our consultation services and products are designed to promote and enhance land owner's, investor's, and operator’s ability to improve the profitability of their asset and farm. We have a staff and network of professional's in finance, bookkeeping, accounting, legal, and insurance.

More Information

We'd love to talk with you about your Farming needs. Please Contact Rocque Merlo at (530) 521-0699 or send an email to Thank you.

Services Pricing

Farming Fee
Equipment Rental  
Equipment Transport $/Hour
Farm Management: Non-Bearing $/Acre
Farm Management: Bearing $/Acre
Fertilize  $/Hour
Fertilizing with Tractor $/Hour
Frost Protection $/Hour
General Labor (Starting at) $/Hour
Hand Pruning $/Hour
Irrigation w/ATV $/Hour
Mowing $/Hour
Plant / Re-plant (labor only) $/Hour
Prunning Tower  $/Hour
Tree Spraying (100 gal/acre) $/Hour
Tree Spraying (150gal/acre) $/Acre
Tree Spraying with ATV/Spray Suckers $/Hour
Weed Spraying $/Hour



Harvest Fee
Custom Harvest Non-Management     $/Acre
Almond Conditioning $/Hour
Bankout $/Hour
Harvester - Pick up Machine $/Hour
Stockpile $/Hour
Shaker $/Hour 
Sweeper $/Hour

Due to environmental conditions and market variations prices are subject to change without notice.