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Recent Almond Sales

VarietyDate of sale$ per poundPrevious% Change
Sonora Inshell 1/18/21 2.55 2.55 0.00
Nonpareil Inshell 1/18/21 2.55 2.55 0.00
Fritz 1/18/21 1.64 1.63 0.61
Mission Inshell 1/18/21 1.64 1.63 0.61
Padre Inshell 1/18/21 1.64 1.63 0.61

Recent Market Activity

Recent Rice Sales

VarietyDate of sale$ per poundPrevious% Change
Calrose 7/14/17 11.50 14.75 -22.03
Calrose 4/19/16 14.75 17.15 -13.99
2015 Calrose 7/12/15 17.15 17.05 0.59
2014 Calrose 7/12/15 17.00 16.00 6.25
2015 Calrose 6/26/15 17.05 17.00 0.29

Recent Market Activity

Recent Walnut Sales

VarietyDate of sale$ per poundPrevious% Change
Chandler Inshell 9/29/20 0.72 0.75 -4.00
Chandler Inshell 4/30/20 0.75 1.10 -31.82
Howard Inshell 4/30/20 0.65 0.62 4.84
Chandler Inshell 10/14/19 1.20 1.10 9.09
Howard Inshell 10/14/19 1.10 1.05 4.76

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California Grower News

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Commodity Forecasts and Reports

Position Report June 2018

Each month, Almond Board of California publishes a position report, which contains the most recent almond trade statistics.

Not Your "Typical" El Niño

Back in September Western Weather Group issued a special weather statement discussing El Niño, the Blob and the potential uncertainties heading into this year's "Godz

Almonds, a tough nut to water, under...

California's drought has sparked a controversy around one of the state's most popular crops: almonds.


KEY MARKET HIGHLIGHTS: CA 2015 ACRES DOWN TOWARDS 350,000, TRENDING LOWER - California Snow Pack on April 1 Lowest on Record –Snow Gone – Reservoirs Draining!

2017 California Almond Objective...

California's 2017 almond production is forecast at 2.25 billion meat pounds, up 2.3 percent from May's subjective forecast and up 5.1 percent from last year's crop.

Almond Industry Position Report

Almond Industry Position Report 2014-2015 Crop Year